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Our Data Information and Technology (DI&T) is a special division of TRDA. This division provides a variety of especially innovative services that have a significant effect on the economy, agriculture, public health, economic development, sustainability, resiliency, and long-term survivability for communities, companies, and nations. Other services are not listed and discussed only with a potential client. This is because what we offer is truly unique.

Our services forecast long-term climate, stock-market viability, and hazards-rupture predictions for earthquakes and volcanoes. For example, we forecast earthquakes within a specific time window, a geographic location (currently within 60 epicenter), and magnitude (currently a range). The goal of this service is to be within a 10-day time window, within 30 miles of the epicenter, and a specific magnitude. This is done without nested data arrays.

Other forecast(s), specifically climate, can be done at the local to nation scale and provide what we like to call “the crystal-ball effect” because the forecasts are not for days or weeks as most companies and agencies provide, but in many cases, up to 7 years. Imagine the ability to determine when the next major earthquake will happen, how long the next drought will last and its impact, when the stock market may plummet, or when the next major terrorist attack will occur. What would you do with such information? Would it help your community, company, or nation have greater resiliency and sustainability? That potential is here now!

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  • Climate Forecasts
  • Flood Forecasting
  • Earthquake Rupture Forecast (location, period, and magnitude)
  • Stock-Market Fluctuations
  • And, more

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Our DI&T approach is not based only on current data, but inclusive of past data, extreme pattern recognition, coupling of extensive modeling and mathematical processes and quantification of industry experiences, as well as a proprietary technology to help prepare the best for future hazards of all types that can cause disruption in continuity of management or government. Along with the services comes an extensive economic and physical effects, as well as forecasted hazard(s) effect(s) and much more. Included in this approach is an assessment and analysis of resiliency and sustainability to a national scale.

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Our DI&T division covers cross-cutting interdependencies of hazards such as droughts, flooding, earthquakes, and more with their effects on Science & Technologies relevant to global, homeland, and national security and business issues, which include many. Examples include water, energy, food, commodity supply lines, and other key resources, public policy, critical infrastructure, and cascading effects of regional and country-scale proportions of complex hazards and systems. We merge these areas in terms of cascading failures and forecasting, vulnerabilities, risk, operational resiliency, and continuity of operations from local to global scales.

With crises at almost every turn in more chaotic environments, the information we provide can help alleviate or mitigate problems before they arise thus, reducing stress and increasing sustainability.

DI&T senior managers are world-class practitioners with advanced degrees and over 70 years of experience in their respective fields. For each assignment, we select the most appropriate process and team to deliver a product that other firms cannot currently match. So, if you are concerned about all hazards, from mapping human behavior to drought forecasts to earthquake predictions, contact us.


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