Kathie E. McAlpine MD, MPH & MS, Chief Medical Officer

A graduate of Harvard, Dr. McAlpine has a very diverse career ranging from direct medical service to NASA bone research regarding fitness levels for long-term space travel, as well as administration and program development. She has many years of experience working in various medical settings, from urban to isolated rural areas, as well as work on Native American Reservations and internationally in developing countries. Conjointly, Dr. McAlpine serves as Chief of Medical Operations for Transnational Resources Development Associates working with the under-served in Latin and South America and Africa in many areas of community and public health, which includes nutrition and communicable diseases. From strict research to hands-on medical operations, Dr. McAlpine is to say the least, accomplished. For example, as a faculty fellow at NASA she created an Exercise, Equipment and Bone density study that won the coveted Director’s Award, increasing bone density in the Lumbar spine by ~ 3.5 % within 18 weeks, through exercise and specific equipment, without the use of medication, to develop an exercise protocol for micro-gravity conditions, i.e., space travel, for astronauts.

She has been greatly concerned with improving general health for individuals and communities. During her military service she served as a Senior Public Health Officer working with a wide variety of public health and medical issues. She is Board certified in Preventive Medicine and has dual degrees in Public Health. Dr. McAlpine has promoted healthcare quality and access for almost 20 years. For example, in order to help with the problem of 72 % of the counties in Colorado being medically under-served, she designed and developed the first Family Practice focused Physician Assistant program in Colorado — in an unprecedented 10 months. She has a special interest in the prevention, screening and treatment of Osteoporosis and was a Reviewer for the American College of Preventive Medicine’s Women’s Time Tools and continues to be a reviewer for National and International Medical Journals. She has produced a Public health Commercial to remind people that “We Are All Stuck in Bodies and We All Need to Keep them as Healthy as possible” (link available soon). She thinks local to global and works for solutions that scale.

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