Maria Alejandro, Director Business Development

Maria grew up in both Bolivia and Germany and studied environmental engineering and resource management in Viña del Mar, Chile. She obtained a Master of Science in Air Quality Control and Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering (WASTE) at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Ms. Espinoza is registered at the College of Engineers in Bolivia (Registration Nº 11108) and is an Environmental Advisor to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning (RENCA) of Bolivia (Registration Nº 11359).

She has worked as an environmental specialist and independent consultant in Bolivia, where she carried out environmental impact assessment studies, as well as projects encompassing responsibilities for identification, prevention, and remediation of potential environmental hazards and impacts associated with them. Many of these projects involve road construction through jungle terrain, provision of infrastructure in rural areas, and the construction of a harbor in the Bolivian Pantanal. In parallel she has been working as a university lecturer (Universidad Loyola, La Paz).

Ms. Espinoza’s also has served as scientific assistant for the Institute of Sanitary Engineering, Waste Water and Solid Waste Management of the University of Stuttgart. She has broad knowledge and expertise with Bolivian, Chilean, and German legislation, international agreements, and regulations, which allows her to readily identify the environmental, social, legal, and technical problems regarding solid waste management in developing countries.

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