James Tindall, PhD

Dr. Tindall was raised on Big Cypress Seminole Reservation in the Florida Everglades. As a boy, he earned money wrestling alligators and training horses. He has worked in a variety of positions (Strategist, Technical Projects Director, Chief Technology Officer, Sr VP of Engineering & Infrastructure, Lead Scientist for U.S. Geological Survey’s National Research Program in global Water, Energy, and Food issues, and as a VP for a large consulting firm managing over 300 personnel in Washington, DC). He holds B.S., M.S., PhD, and M.A. degrees (the latter in Homeland and International Security Studies from the United States Naval Postgraduate School). Jim works from the local tactical to global strategic levels in myriad issues. He deals with problems and finds solutions by incorporating a combined 3-D and systems-thinking approach that is especially related to the interdependencies of water-energy-food problems around the world and their geopolitical, security, and supply and resiliency impacts. A good example is the Indus River System.

Solutions to such problems incorporates relations of these resources to economics, policy, public health, engineering and technology, socioeconomics, environmental sustainability and resiliency, and climate variability (particularly droughts and floods). There also is a significant focus on the assessment of Homeland and National Security (sustainability and resiliency) connections to these resources and critical infrastructures. An example includes work with HKND Group, Hong Kong regarding the New Nicaragua Canal and its global impact on resources, the environment, and strategic security implications in Central America and the U.S. that resulted in a widely distributed article to DOD agencies. Dr. Tindall also has served as team lead in the Middle East Peace Process working with water/energy resources solutions with the Israeli’s, Palestinians, and Jordanians and, as technical advisor to Romania on environmental-security protocols in its attempt to join the EU; successful in January 2007.

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