Corey Gaines

Corey Gaines is a gifted entrepreneur who has built and array of skill sets. He first began in construction and construction management with over two decades experience running multiple and very large commercial and residential projects. His true love has long been in helping others, as well as in health and well being. He turned this passion into experimenting with a wide variety of herbal and many other plant extracts to use for wellness purposes for people that pharmaceuticals do not seem to help.

Corey is the Director of Uxtract, a subsidiary of TRDA that is solely owned, equally, by two of the officers of TRDA, Corey being one of them. Uxtract works on extracting plant essential oils from various plants for the health and well being of society at large. We welcome this subsidiary into TRDA and, the Uxtract professional team is easy to work with and determined to lead the industry in both quality and price in this area.

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