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Dr. Campbell graduated with first class honors and the university prize in social sciences (Phi Beta Kappa) in Victoria, Australia, receiving his Ph.D. in social sciences on the study of Max Weber and political ethics. He specializes in threat analysis and counterintelligence in the context of hostile foreign intelligence services and the global terrorist threat that includes special interests in cross cultural and comparative studies of deception and counterintelligence methodology. Currently completing his second Ph.D. on hostile intelligence services methodologies, he is published widely in specialist journals. Dr. Campbell is .a former Australian intelligence analyst and now directs a private consultancy. His lifelong work in counterintelligence, counter espionage, and counter-terrorism (CI-CE-CT) has and continues to be of great value, providing significant, unique, and forward thinking insights to the intelligence community at large. He has served as a mentor to numerous professionals in international intelligence and the issues involved that affects the national security of the United States, as well as international security and stability of countries around the world.

Dr. Campbell has been at the forefront of CI-CE-CT, investigating the multifaceted nature of threats to the Western world and the United States of America in particular. Most recently the proliferation of Diasporas in Western target countries, their divided loyalties, and their personal and organizational links to clandestine foreign intelligence organizations and their derivation from conspiracy infused cultures, poses an unparalleled internal and global security threat. Dr. Campbell works extensively in this area to help defend and protect Western and U.S. interests, which is increasingly under, not only sustained terrorist attack as part of a clash of civilizations, but also in the war against intelligence organizations that has generally been conducted from within seeking to neutralize intelligence capability and capacity. Working with a variety of organizations and agencies, his specific work is withheld for security reasons.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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